Saturday, September 5, 2009

The First Days

The first day in MN (after 27 hours of driving)! We got in at night. I was tired, hungry, and grumpy (to put it nicely). As bad as I was, Beckett was worse. He was done. He would no longer get into the car (even for his favorite treat), he wouldn't eat his food, he was very nervous. He let us know how he felt by barking non-stop, all night. The morning was just as bad. Figuring that maybe he needed to stretch his legs after being cooped up in the car, we went for a morning jog. 3 miles did nothing to damper his enthusiasm. He was worse when the truck with our things arrived. Of course Beckett, has just many things as I have.

Aside from his two greyhound sized large crates, there are bags of food, toys, treats, coats, bowls, and lots of plush bedding. Like all greyhounds, Beckett is abnormally fond of the softest beds, maybe its due to his tall thin stature. If you want your greyhound to be in a particular location, I suggest making it the softest spot in the house. Its like a moth to a flame, an innate reaction, they seem unable to help themselves. If you covet your couch, you'll need a even softer spot for your dog.

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