Friday, September 4, 2009

The Move

At least a week or two before the move, Beckett had to have a sense something was different, he had spiffy new tag collar (with his info embroidered on) and instead of his metal crate he was staying in his cloth travel one. Just in case that didn’t tip him off there was the fact that ALL our stuff was gone and had been gone for a week. The moving truck had came and went, only after I had loaded it with all my worldly possessions, and most of Beckett’s. It wasn’t until I had to carry everything down the three flights of stairs, that I realized exactly how much of my stuff was actually dog stuff; dog beds, bowls, food, coats, treats, muzzle, nail clippers, shampoo, tooth brush, medicine, bathing supplies, not to mention the greyhound sized metal crate and two boxes of toys. And all of that was just what was in the moving truck. The car was packed with all the essentials, a few toys, soft bedding, a jar of peanut butter, two kongs, veterinary paper work, a lot treats, and as many of my things as I could manage to squeeze in.

We started our journey to our new home, Minnesota. Beckett did surprisingly well the first day, for a dog who has done 90% of his traveling by train, he settled down surprisingly fast, enjoying the ride, and the walks we took every 2-3 hours. Finding dog-friendly motels wasn’t as hard as I had thought, but still took us a bit off course. I was glad I had gotten the AAA dog friendly guide and the travel crate. Each day, Beckett went from ready to go, to neutral, to resistant to getting in the car. We made sure to make frequent stops, give lots of treats, but resorted to using bribery, the previous aforementioned hard to resist kong and peanut butter combination.

Our ride was estimated at 23 hours of driving, with traffic, stops, construction, it took more like 27, maybe 30.

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