Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dog Treats: Sweet Potato & Cheese Bits


I wanted to make some training treats, grain free. Without flour the mixture doesn't really make a cookie shape and it was time consuming to spoon the amorphous lumps it did make onto the cookie sheet. The solution, a plastic bag. I scooped the mixture into the plastic sandwich bag, and then cut a hole in the corner, I then squeezed the bag to make little training treats. These treats dry faster then the cookies, but don't have the same appeal in appearance. Still what self-respecting dog cares about appearance. This is also why I don't make my dog cookies into bone or other shapes.

3/4 cup of nutritional yeast
1/2 cup of flax seed
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup of grated cheese
1 cup sweet potato puree

If your not using sweet potato from a can, (you can buy sweet potato from a can, check out section of your grocery store with pie fillings, don't get the pie filling, just the 100% pure sweet potato) wash and scrub your sweet potatoes, then bake, boil, steam them, cooking them however you would like. Once cooked desposit them into a blender to make a puree.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Let stand for 5-10 minutes, then scoop into a plastic bag, cut the corner off the plastic bag and squeeze out little dots of dough. I use parment paper to line the cookie sheet. Bake at 300 for 30min then 275 for 45-60min then lower the temp 200 for another hour or so, or turn off the oven and leave the door close. If your dog likes softer treats remove the treats out earlier.

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