Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dog Treats: Blueberry Camomile Dog Cookies

These cookies were especially created to go to a place where sensitive stomach doesn't begin cover the reality, this poor pup has LOTS of dietary restrictions. These cookies are a bit more work so I'd save them for a special occasion, still they look beautiful and lend themselves to new and exciting shapes using cookies cutters or I would use cookie cutters if I owned any - which I don't.

1 cup frozen wild blueberries
3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 TBLS chamomile
2 TBLS honey
3 TBLS flax seed
1 cup potato flour* (add last after blending other ingredients accept no substitutions)

Blend together the wet ingredients no need to thaw the blueberries just use them frozen. Every recipe says, "mix wet ingredients then the dry ingredients, then mix the two together" and if your like me - you often disregard that bit of information as unimportant. Here it is important, I promise, once you add the potato flour the dough takes on a strange consistency that is somewhere in between a sponge and a pie crust dough. Its odd texture but amazingly fun to play with. Once you add the potato flour it takes up to 3 min for the sponge like quality to develop.

Take your now solid dough and put it on a cutting board covered with parchment paper. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the dough and roll it out to your desired thickness. From here you can apply your cookies cutters to make fun shapes, or if your lazy like me use a pizza cutter to cut it into bite sized pieces. Gather up any extra dough and repeat.

Bake your cookies at the lowest temperature possible, my oven went down to 170 F and that is where I baked them for several hours until crispy. If your impatient you may feel the need to turn up the heat - Don't - these cookies burn very easily. They are a lot of work but worth the effort.


  1. Is the camomile just in the baking ingredients area? I'd really like to try these cookies out, but other than in tea, I'm not totally sure where to find it.

  2. I found it in the bulk herb section of my local co-op, you can buy chamomile flowers online too. I don't see why you couldn't rip open a tea bag and use that - but I'm not sure. The cookies will be fine without it, the blueberries and potato flour are what really make the recipe. The chamomile is just there to add something special to them.

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  4. Chamomile tea is a great stomach soother--it relieves gas in babies. I'll bet it would be soothing to a dog with an upset stomach.

    The tea bag should contain the same thing as the bulk chamomile, but that would be an expensive way to use it. That's great you can find it in bulk.

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