Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beckett Day 2 Maybe 3 I'm Losing Track

The next night, Beckett did better, I plugged in those pheromone diffusers. I'm not sure they work, but it can't hurt and it makes me feel better when I ignore him. Its heart wrenching to hear him whine and not comfort him. But we've gone through this before, back when I first brought Beckett home. Experience has taught me that giving him any -and I mean any attention including going in the room with him, talking to him, even yelling- any attention when he is barking, whining, or sounding like he is about to die from fire ants, makes the situation worse. Ignoring him until he is calm and quiet will work, as long as I don't die of heart break or sleep deprivation. Its easy to say, but hard to do, something inside me wants to comfort him while he is upset, but I know I can save that re-enforcement for when he is calm. He stopped barking for several hours last night. Finally some sleep. He also started eating and played a game of fetch in the backyard, he seems to be adjusting, just slowly.

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