Monday, November 1, 2010

New Foster Jack

Last night we picked up our new foster, Jack aka Jack be Good. It was late and the women who had fostered him for the last week gave us a little bit of information. "He is a puller." I had no doubt since she held him by his leash with two hands and all her weight. She added that he was bit loud the first three or four days, strong willed, and has a high prey drive. Since she mentioned he might need to potty after the long ride, I let him lead (pull my arm out) on the way to nearest patch of dirt.

He immediately showed me that though he may look like Beckett  isn't by jumping right into the back - something it took me months to teach Beckett and even now it isn't his favorite thing.

I pulled up a couple houses down and took a short walk with Jack. The moment he jumped out of the car we started the loose leash walking game. Since he wouldn't take treats, every time the leash went tight I stopped walking, waited then slowly started taking steps back. The moment he moved back with me and the leash went loose we walked forward. Two blocks and he already stopped pulling. Not that the leash was loose, but at least he wasn't taking my arm out of the socket.

We brought Beckett out to meet Jack on neutral ground and went on a good long walk to make sure everyone was empty and doing well together. Jack continued with the loose leash game and already he wasn't just stopping at the end of the leash but moving back. I forgot how quickly they learn.

I noticed that even though he still is to worked up to take treats he is responding to praise!

Once inside we set him up in his crate with a stuffed kong (see above video) which he dug into right away.


  1. Good for him! I wonder if the ladies who fostered him before you did not use the same techniques with loose leash?

    There is no stopping with that kong! :-P

  2. Most people are not good at working on leash walking, but it really makes a huge difference if you work on it like you are doing for a couple of weeks.