Monday, November 1, 2010

Jack: Day Two

Yesterday I mentioned how I forgot how quickly dogs learn, I also forgot how loud they can be, Jack was whining all night long.  And though I complain, it wasn't so bad. However, it was hard not being able to sleep through the night.  He has improved on several other fronts, first he can be won over at times with some natural balance roll, second the loose leash walking has really progressed, and finally he is beginning to learn that though whining will not get him things and being calm and relaxed will.

Beckett has also learned not snarling at the dog for cutting into his beauty rest by being obnoxiously loud will get him some treats too.

I continue to do the best I can... 


  1. This is the program I am using for Via's LLW

  2. I may have called it loose leash walking, but it really isn't loose leash walking as I usually define it aka as a clip hanging straight down from his collar. It is more of a not pulling my arm out of it's socket walking. I should be more specific.

    I don't want to start real loose leash walking he until is taking treats routinely outside of the crate and/or house and he has some hair on his neck since his neck is completely bald.

    But once I start real loose leash walking I will utilize a similar plan! Until then I actually (and forgot to mention) have him on a harness and since I still want to have a well exercised empty dog will probably keep using the harness until he is ready for real loose leash walking. Until then maybe I should work on focus or maybe self restraint? So much to do!

    Also you have any advice? Tomorrow he goes to the vet to get everything checked out and his male dog part *cough* taken care of.

    The kong is my basic Beckett recipe of zukes jerky treats, treat kibble (orijen regional red, not his actual kibble), regular kibble (Acana grain free lamb), charlie bears (Beef which are egg free), followed by a scoop of pumpkin and then another scoop low fat cottage cheese, the whole thing is then frozen.

  3. First, I can't wait to meet Jack.
    Second, Buzz is begging me to make him a "Beckett Kong." I'm never so creative when stuffing Kongs.

    Hopefully he sleeps well for you tonight, or at least better than last.