Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Another rainy day, means another dog toy review. These toys (there are two) are link together, to create various puzzles. The HI.Q. toys are little more annoying to actually fill with kibble then some of the others, but it takes Beckett longer to get the kibble out. His favorite method? Repeatedly slamming it into a corner or wall. Also unlike the other ones, he doesn't seem to care whether its on the carpet or the wooden floor. Usually he pulls them apart pretty quickly, but today he was to lazy.

I like these toys, because the dog doesn't need a lot of space (unlike some of the previous toys which generally are moved along the floor) to get the treats out. I often leave Beckett with the HI.Q. filled up with kibble while he is in the crate. However, like many of these toys, the HI.Q. could never withstand a dog who likes to seriously chew their toys and it might be more of a supervised sort of fun. Still its highly entertaining (at least for me).

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