Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Greyhound Picnic

Last week at the Minnesota state fair I was invited to a greyhound picnic. I have to say usually, I might not take up a strangers invitation to join an event with and organization I have no relation to (aside from owning a greyhound). However, I just moved and am desperate to make friends. And friends who can handle my slight obsession with the dog, would be even better.

It was bigger then I expected with stands, shows, and competitions. It reminded me of the adoption expo, except the picnic had kiddle pools. Nothing compares to the cuteness of a dog in a kiddle pool, except maybe if he is wearing a pfd (personal floating device).

It was also longer then I thought, and I sort of bid on a winter coat for Beckett so we had to hang around most of the day, waiting to see if anyone else would win. We did see some "dancing greyhounds" and they had frosty paws (ice cream for dogs).

The fun part was it was a great bonding experience for Beckett and us. Also Beckett and I won the best trick competition. That is right, Beckett and I are two for two in greyhound obedience competitions (if your counting, which I am). Several factors are major contributors to our winning streak 1. Not *that* many dogs participate 2. Beckett and I did a lot of our training while volunteering at open houses (where general fun ensues .. oh and we talk to potential adopters and show off dogs ready to adopt) more importantly at the open houses there are lots of people, lots dogs, and lots going on. So while the other dogs have more tricks and are often better in general, few can compete with us in the melee of the moment (also, there aren't that many people competing).

We didn't meet anyone, it was so big... we um.. didn't really make any new friends. I tried (well I can be shy) I did win the winter coat, the food was good, it was a beautiful day, and I got some fun pictures.


  1. Well done Beck!! Don't worry Eliz. Ironically, whenever I go to these greyhound 'events', hardly anyone talks to me either :). I think it turns out that it can kind of be an insular crowd. But don't worry, I keep showing up, and at some point, people start to recognize me and then they finally respond when I say hi :). Plus, Beck is so grand he's going to force people to talk to you.

  2. I love your blog/ photos/ and recipes ..and MOST of all BECKETT:)
    He is so beautiful ...reminds me of 2 of my boys who are now in Heaven. I know that you are enjoying every second with your special gentleman:) We have been "adopted" by greys for 21 years and are still in awe every single day:)