Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dog Food

Dog food.

From here on end, I spend the rest of time writing about dog food, the most interesting of which can be summarized on this dog food analysis website, it has reviews on the different dog food brands. So feel free to stop reading, if dog food holds no interest to you.

I put a lot of thought into what foods I eat and yet somehow dog food was always "dog food". The group I adopted from warned me that many of the best known brands of dog food, were not the best options for any dog, so I was expecting to have to pay a little more for a quality brand that would not be in my supermarket.

However, Beckett's digestive system would prod me to do a bit more research into dog food. Beckett came to me eating a kibble which wasn't always the best, but any problems could be saved with a little bit of pumpkin and or cottage cheese. (Pumpkin and cottage cheese can work wonders on a upset dog digestive system.) Then, I opened a new bag and noticed a difference in the kibble. I doubled checked the bag, it was the same brand, same type. What wasn't the same - was how it went over with Beckett. I will spare you the details, but lets just say... Eeewww. I thought it might be a bad bag and so I exchanged it for a new one, but the women at the store warned me that the company had changed their processing facility, so it might just be the food.

At the time I was pretty limited in options, not having a car limits the distance one can travel for and the amount of dog food on can buy. The nearest pet store was my only choice. I went through several different kinds and brands trying to find a decent food. It got me to seriously look into dog food, what went into, where it was made, ect..

About the same time, I stumbled upon the wonders of small online dog food suppliers. Even including the shipping, buying the dog food on-line costs the same if not less then the pet store -once you calculate for taxes. For the first time I had more selection, I had a ton of high quality choices and all of it would be delivered right to my door. AWESOME! Based on hearing only good things, I decided on EVO, made in the US, grain-free, and had good manufacturing processes.

Each time I switch dog food several things occurred: Beckett did better; the food escalated in price;I found myself feeding him much less.

I won't go over the costs, but I can safely say I was buying quite a bit and now I'm paying quite a bit, but buying less. The EVO red meat bites has been working out great. No longer am I afraid of ... well, again, I won't offend anyone's sensibilities. Things are great; well almost... just don't stand down wind of the dog. So we have decided to try again; with the Mercedes benz of dog kibble Orijen.

I'll start the transition when the new bag arrives and will update this post. P.S. The white thing in the dog bowl is a measuring cup


  1. Not boring! We've been going through the same thing.

  2. By the way, that's a beautiful picture of Beckett.