Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year 3

About a week over due, I should probably be thinking about the baby. Instead I’m going to write about my dog.

This month marks my 3rd year together with Beckett. I’ve been thinking a lot of where we were and where are.

I have a greyhound (in case you couldn’t tell) I love doing things with him, it is one of his greatest qualities, I can do a lot with him. This year we managed to squeak by with a APDT rally title for level 1 and umm… well that is it officially. Unofficially we have volunteered at gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble, went to the dog show (volunteering), we go to the dog park, dog class, we have been to people’s houses, we have to peoples summer houses, and of course we had the canoe incident.

I simply like spending time doing things with my pooch, even if it is just hiking through the dog park trying to induce labor. I also like training and dog classes, it gives us time together to build a better bond and my dog has fun.

The reason I’m thinking about this is well when I first got Beckett we talked to a trainer and I was telling her how so many people spend class time trying to get their dog to not do things and I spend all my time trying to get my dog to do stuff – how I wanted to do more with my dog. Under her breath she said if I wanted a dog to do things maybe I shouldn’t have gotten a greyhound. (We didn’t end up taking a class there).

I love my dog and I love that he is just as inactive as he is active, that we can watch a movie or go for a jog - he really doesn’t care which. I love that he doesn’t need a lot – that whether in a tiny city apartment or a suburban house all he wants is a comfy place to sleep. It wasn’t like I wanted an agility champion or busy as I am I should have one (and if I did I’ve seen proof on utube of greyhounds doing some amazing agility work).

I just wanted to do more. I felt like he deserved it, that learning and doing things would enrich his life. I guess I felt that training isn’t only for the dogs that NEED things to do - dogs that have challenges, but also for the dog who would be just as happy to lounging on the couch. And yes we have done quite a bit of lounging in our years together...

Now at year 3 I can see I made the right choice. Beckett is happier than ever before, we have a great relationship – it was good to begin with and now it is great. Sure maybe all the enrichment has given him a better sense of problem solving - like how to move a chair a few feet in order to get the treats that were on the top shelf, but luckily most days he is too lazy to cause such mischief. I mean someone has to guard the couch!

I know we as a family (my husband, my dog and I) will face the new aspects of life like we have the others; building on what we have, growing together, and of course with lots of dog cookies. Luckily we have a great foundation and I make awesome dog cookies.

I guess what I'm saying is, "Beckett I'm glad you picked me! Happy Adoption Day!"


  1. Happy Adoption Day from one brindle "Beckett" to another! PS We love your peanut butter pumpkin treat recipe.

  2. I'm glad he picked you, too :)

  3. Happy Gotcha Day to you and Beckett! And may the new human puppy get here soon!

  4. Yay Eliz! I love it when you post. It's amazing, eh? Beckett has had an INCREDIBLE life with you, that's for sure. I still remember picking him up from Maggie and then bringing him over to his new "foster" mom :D. The only thing that sucks is I miss seeing him all the time all over the old neighborhood.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day to Beckett! What a lucky boy he is to have a mom who loves him so much.

  6. Happy New Year and Happy Gotcha Day to you and Beckett:) This is a lovely post, it sounds like you and Beckett are a perfect match and I'm sure he loves you just as much as you love him!

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