Tuesday, April 19, 2011

APDT Rally Trial

This weekend Beckett and I went to a APDT Rally Trial, it was our second attempt at the whole affair and it went really well. This time I knew that one trial a day was enough, so we did one trial each day. We qualified on both runs, was in 5th place on one of the days, and got our RL1. However, the big news is we won the Sophie award! The Sophie Award is given out by the Minnesota Mix Breed Club to the Level 1A team who best exemplifies teamwork based on the relationship they have in the ring. Team work and relationship?! those are my goals! I was so happy.

Everyone there was very friendly and supportive. Though I have to thank my friends for their support especially Crystal for taking the time to go over all the signs with me (once again) and Laura for the video below.

The run itself isn't perfect, but I was happy my dog was happy what more can one ask?


  1. Aw! Congrats Liz & Beckett!!

  2. Well done! It was so cool how Beckett focussed on you the whole time and also had a big grin on his cute face:) Congratulations on your award, well deserved.

    I was surprised to see you could give treats ... wish we could do that here.

  3. At the APDT trials you can treat at specific times (all the the times I treated).

  4. Elizabeth you and Beckett looked so wonderful. Your award was well deserved. Congratualtions on both the title and the award. And thanks for the vet spray, Magics nose looks better already.