Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm not very good about goals.  In fact, mine are often fuzzy (see above picture). I'm more interested in the process of having fun with my dog and watching him learn then actual product of training. It is often very nicely pointed out to me in class that goals could be important. I know they are, but my life has so many goals that sometimes I let my dog goals slide. However, this year my friends have inspired me to actually try. I'll set simple attainable goals and try to break them into little accomplish-able pieces.

Goal One: The whistle recall. I've been meaning to teach Beckett a solid whistle recall. Step One: Buy Whistle; Step Two: Simple one step recalls with awesome treats: Step Three: Repeat everywhere; Step Four: Increase Distance; Step Five Repeat Steps Two through Four Then Repeat with different person doing the whistling.

Goal Two: Rally. Step One: Think about it; Step Two: Go over signs and flag ones that may be trouble; Step Three: Work on possible problem signs; Step Four: Find someone who actually knows what they are doing; Step Five: Ask aforementioned person or persons for help and follow their suggestions; their ideas will probably be better or more insightful. Step Six: Find or set up some sort of run through.

Goal Three: Read some (at least three) suggested training books - write review to assure that I read them thoroughly. Feel free to offer suggestions.

Goal Four: Play more with Beckett have more fun.


  1. Your goals are so organized... nice job! I like goal 4 the best.

    I need to read more dog books too... how do I make time to read them? I avoid it because I want to make sure I'm alert and interested, which means I just don't get around to reading them.

  2. I think you hit on two important facets -- setting attainable goals and outlining how you'll achieve them! We wish you good luck!

    Bunny says she likes the last one the best!

  3. Books- what kind of things are you looking for? What have you read, or haven't? Culture Clash is good. Anything by Patricia McConnell. Maybe Karen Pryor- her newest one is what got Brian hooked on training.