Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where is the Hare?

Here is 15$ picture, 15?!.  Yes that is how much it cost to bring your dog to the renaissance festival.  My ticket cost 16$.  I love getting a chance to bring Beckett to new places, do a little training, enrich his life, but for 15$ I will leave him home next time.  I probably shouldn't complain since he was awesome.  He heeled, downed, and "left" all the turkey bones for over 3 hours. Without a doubt though, this has cemented cuddle as my all time most useful "trick".  Sitting down by the overcrowded stages, he would cuddle, by the food stalls? more cuddling, and when a small dog slipped her lead without hesitation he put his head right down on my lap.  Not only is it useful keeping him close enough to avoid being stepped on, but is absolutely the most adorable thing ever. I have to admit, I started to encouraged it as a default behavior.  

First its hard not to encourage something that cute, see above adorableness.  Second it seems like such a awesome default behavior in these situations that I treated him every time he snuggled up.  You can't see it, but we are surrounded by people eating turkey legs and the accompanying turkey bones (by the way, it is a renaissance fair not the actual renaissance pick up your trash people) and instead of being a nuisance he is snuggling up aka waiting for his reward for ignoring all the food around him. I guess it wasn't the worst 15$; it's not often you can use horses, elephants, camels, tortoises, small children, women with furry animal tails hooked to their belt, combined with some very interesting costumes as distractions (see below).

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