Monday, March 1, 2010

Beckett & Keys Part: One

I know it has been awhile, but in the name of domestic peace I have had to cut back on my dog pursuits, actually all my pursuits that aren't looking for a job - since I am still not gainfully employed-

All that aside: here is my latest experiment. Getting Beckett to locate my keys. If your one of those people with it all together, all the time, well - I envy you. Although, in the lab I have OCD tendencies instead of taking those home with me, I leave them where they need to be - at work (or I would if I had a job).

At home I'm more of the leaving the door open, where did I just put that thingy mabob sort of gal. If your similarly inclined, you might be familiar with the key dance. The I-just-had-them-where-are-they-checking-all-your-pockets-bags-tables-and-your-key-hook-where-they-should-be-but-aren't dance to find your keys.

So again, instead of changing my behavior (which isn't nearly as much fun) I'm playing with teaching Beckett to locate my keys. I really don't need him to retrieve them because not only does he lack a solid retrieve, but I don't want him slobbering into or more likely through my pockets to get at my keys. So if he could just point with his nose, that would be great.

The Untested Experimental Plan: Part One
1A. Click and treat when he touches my keys with his nose
1B. Click and treat for touching his nose to my keys in several different locals ie., hanging out of pocket, on table, on a chair, also using different rooms
1C. Start adding decoy keys, repeat 1A and 1B only clicking and treating only when he touches my keys
1D. Add a tissue over keys and repeat 1A through 1C.


  1. Great idea. Now if I can teach mine to use the remote car starter! :)

  2. Idea being the important word, we will see if I can get it to actually work.

  3. I had a small stuffed bear on my key chain for a while to get the dogs something to pick the keys up by. I did not want them to set off the panic button on the car alarm.