Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dog Book List

So here are a list of my favorite Dog Books. (In a not completely biased order)

1. The whole dog journal handbook for dog and puppy care and training

I love that this is a general book, it has a little bit of everything. Its my new gift to give to someone who has just gotten a dog. It is very "natural" or I like to call it "crunchy", as in granola, as in hippie. Its great though, as I'm a little "crunchy" myself. It has tips on care such as shots, veterinary visits, fleas, diet and also contains some basic training, it might not have every detail, but it points you in the right direction, thus being a great resource. (I'm a huge fan)

2. Clicking with your dog step by step in pictures by Peggy Tillman

This book is just so Practical! When I first starting clicker training, I was overwhelmed. There was just no way I could do it, the books were to long, complicated, and esoteric. Or simply put, Dense and I have a PhD in science. This book was the first to spell things out step by step (with pictures). In order to do this, the book glosses over the science behind clicker training, (which may be important to you) but you can find that in other books (try the book "click for joy"). I wanted the science after I had my dog under control aka when he was no longer chewing through the dog training books, on loan, from the public library.

3. Leader of the Pack by Patricia McConnell

This is not a book, its a pamphlet. It is quick, easy, and great to leave around for your friends, family, significant other, guests, especially important during the Holiday season with so many people coming in and out. I leave it on the table (or more honestly in the bathroom). For guests to read so next time they won't encourage a dog to jump up onto them. This can also help someone new to the dog world get a handle on things. Its so short it takes maybe 10 min, but wow what a punch it packs into those 10 min.

4. Other end of the leash by Patricia McConnell.

This isn't the shortest or most practical book to read, but I love the research she packs into it. McConnell begins to explores the behaviors and communications between people, dogs, and people with their dogs. McConnell looks at behavioral responses that can lead to both confusion and bonding between human and canines. The other end of the leash wasn't a fast read, but it was fascinating read that I really enjoyed and gave me a glimpse into the world as a dog sees it.

5. "Bones would rain from the sky", by Susan Clothier.

This book is so touching you might want to read it with a box of tissues on hand. Susan goes where few trainers dare to go, the spiritual level. Looking at the very connections that bond us (with often great force) to our four legged best friends. In this book Clothier paints a picture from the heart and not just her heart, but any heart that has been touched by a cold wet nose.

Of course, the favorite Greyhound reads. Hands down, my favorite is Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood. I not so secretly find the for Dummies far more informative then the other popular greyhound book whose name I won't mention, but the other one does have pictures, who can hate on pictures?

What is your favorite Dog Book?

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  1. Also recommend "Good Dog 101" for training - very friendly training methods by Christine Dahl. I *love" the GH Dummies book too - better than the other GH books, which IMO are only good for reference - not as practical...

    Nice picks Beckett...